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About Conor

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 14 years old (if you’re counting that’s over half of my life). As long as I can remember, music has always grabbed my attention – Raffi, The Beach Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, punk rock, U2, Buddy Miller, Wilco, and since the birth of my kids Rosa & Joby, Raffi again.  I love the way instruments interact, the way musicians seem to read each other and anticipate the future, the way music – in a good moment – breathes and comes to life, becoming something much larger than the sum of it’s parts.

I have been part of rock bands, making as much noise as we possibly could.  I’ve performed songs I’ve written all alone on my acoustic guitar.

I  love to teach people how to play the guitar, but more than that, I love to give people the tools they need to join in when there’s a song being sung.

Besides the Guitar, I also teach beginner Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele.